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Process efficiency, reliability and product quality demands combined with hazardous working environments challenge industrial process plants. Leaking joints pose a risk to the environment, employees, and the general public. Manufacturers require the utmost safety in order to protect personnel, the environment and health, safety and environment. Cutting-edge knowledge and a high level of expertise of maintenance workforces are required.
Training is one key component to ensure plant owners have access to the right personnel, with the right skills, at the right time.


Success follows

We know what matters: That’s why we are a world’s leading sealing and fluid control company. The KLINGER Group offers a complete range of accredited and open training courses covering all aspects of joint integrity on site, as well as at our customer’s locations.
Besides this, we go the extra mile for our customers:
We created a special mobile service unit to be directly at our customers’ site.

KLINGER on Tour-Truck

The KLINGER on Tour-Truck is one of our additional service offerings and brings our long term expertise directly to our customers, fully equipped and with certified trainers. No need to travel or to arrange training facilities!
The KLINGER on Tour-Truck offers theoretical and practical training for anyone working with bolted joints to ensure best practices are followed with measurable benefits:

  • Optimized cycles between maintenance events save costs
  • Increased operational efficiency reduces leakage to zero or a minimum
  • Best practice procedures improve safety

Key Objectives

The KLINGER on Tour-Training combines classroom theory with hands-on lab and is conducted by our engineers with real-world experience. Fully fitted workplaces inside the vehicle allow employees to perfect their knowledge and hone their skills on different flange types and shapes. Furthermore, groups are kept small to guarantee that all participants can benefit from individual and targeted tuition. The training content was designed according to the EN-1591-4 standard and covers:

  • General health and safety practices
  • Assemble, tighten and dissemble bolted connections
  • Practice installation procedures with the varied shapes and types of flanges
  • Apply latest sealing technology used on process applications
  • Hands-on experience with seal assembly and installation
  • Prepare work area, material and equipment for the preparation and securing of flanged pipe joints
  • Detect and investigate flange leakage failure
  • Documentation of the executed work and deviations

We also tailor the training content to suit our customer’s needs and incorporate the content of the standards. This usually applies to the operator-specified special characteristics of the plant or unit. Following its successful completion, mounting technicians will be able to guarantee that joints remain tight across their entire operational lifespan.

Target Audience

The training is relevant for all staff who install bolted flange connections:

  • Assemblers
  • Designers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Supervisors
  • Inspectors

Training Instructors

Our KLINGER training professionals are experienced in theory and practice thanks to years of working in seal technology. You will be trained by acknowledged and experienced experts in the field.

This gives you the certainty that even complex information will be conveyed professionally and suitably for you.

More Information?

Are you interested to learn more about the KLINGER on Tour-Training courses? Please get in touch with your local KLINGER company or contact KLINGER Holding directly.
See more at: https://www.klinger-international.com/en/services/on-tour-truck
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